#MusicMonday ~ CLANN

Hello music lovers, how are you faring? Is your day shaping up nicely or is there trouble to be expected? I hope not. But no matter how it looks like: I believe in you and know that you can manage any challenge life throws at you!!!!!

Let’s go on some more musical adventures. Last week, I introduced you to Olafur Arnalds and this week I am excited to show you CLANN. It wasn’t easy to find much information about them/him but I think they are Canadian. What I know is that their music goes hand in hand with a multimedia project and gosh are the video’s on their album “Seelie” fascinating. If you have the time sit down and watch them for a while. Extraordinary is all I can say. I am posting the playlist to “Seelie” which is a or the fairy court.

“House of Youth” their music label writes about the album:

With the release of β€œSeelie”, CLANN welcomes us back to the world of KIN Fables – a grand scale multimedia project captained by director/producer Seb McKinnon, encompassing original music and stunning short films. This is a visual/musical project, one as as melancholic as it is epic, as haunting as it is beautiful, with plans to culminate into a feature film (currently in late stages of development). The word clann comes from Old Irish, meaning family – indeed, the family of collaborators responsible for this odyssey returns with the signature ethereal vocals of Charlotte Oleena, as though singing words from an unknown or long forgotten language, and heart-wringing string performances by violinist Chloe Picard. With Seelie, they have refined their sound, while not losing touch with their cinematic arrangements, airy vocals, and trip hop/downtempo beats.

Please enjoy and if you can’t play the videos here on my blog please follow the link underneath the video which leads you to the YouTube Channel.

video credit: CLANN via House of Youth on YouTube

Happy Music Monday to you all!!!!

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