#WordlessWednesday: Blue Sky

10 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday: Blue Sky”

  1. You do know how to bring on a smile! The pictures are gorgeous … well, I wasn’t happy to see the soda can stuck in the tree, but otherwise I saw only beauty. Thank you!!! Sorry I haven’t been by lately … I am constantly struggling just to keep up with the news cycle here, and now the Thanksgiving holiday which has me cooking for 12 hours!!! πŸ™‹

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    1. Hi Jill, happy Thanksgiving. Don’t worry. I haven’t been reading blogs a lot either because my better half had an operation two weeks ago. Plus I know how volatile your political situation is. It must be exhausting to keep up. But I am glad I could make you smile. That’s what its all about. That picture of the can on the tree is more than six years old. Then I just shook my head. How tjings have changed.

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      1. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that, but is he doing okay now? Yes, it is exhausting … and depressing. But, I still find humour and happiness here and there, so it’s all good. One wonders how the can got into the tree in the first place … πŸ€”

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      2. Yes, he is fine just has a little cabin fever as he can’t do much for at least four weeks. Thanks fir your kind words. As for the can: teenagers I would assume because it was in a park where they love to meet up. Have a great Friday and I hope you had/have a good time with your family. πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ

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