Do you know Mary Robinson?

Hello out there, how are you doing? I hope your Saturday rocks and if not feel hugged by empowering energy. You have a solution for your challenge because the universe believes in you!

One of the biggest challenges humankind has ever faced is the climate crisis. While we “normal” people hear about its severity only since last year many scientists, politicians and activists know for years that we have to make huge changes to our lifestyle to keep this planet save.

However, people in developing countries often have to deal with it for years. I have just finished Mary Robinson’s book “Climate Justice – A Man-Made Problem with a Feminist Solution(the book is known under several slightly different titles) and am utterly shocked by how little our leaders have told us about what is really going on on this planet.

Mary Robinson is a former Irish president and UN Special Envoy on Climate Change. She wisely connects climate change with social justice and supports many solutions with her book and her charity “The Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice“.

Please watch her TED-talk on Climate Justice from 2015!!!! (If the video doesn’t play here on the blog, follow the link underneath to it’s YouTube location.

Video credit: Mary Robinson via TED on YouTube

Happy Saturday to you all. Yes, it is still a happy Saturday because if we all start doing just one thing today to reduce our carbon output it will make a huge difference for the next generations!!!!!!

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