#MusicMonday ~ Please remember me

Hello out there in the vastness of the world wide web. I hope very much that your day rocks and rolls and has all the goodies that you need in it. If not feel embraced and find a cup of your favourite beverage.

Today I invite you to enjoy a song I love for a long time. It is Loreena McKennits “Dante’s Prayer”. I have her album “Book of Secrets” which hosts some of the most inspiring pieces of music I have ever heard. I love the whole album but “Dante’s Prayer” is my favourite because of these lines:

Cast your eyes on the ocean.
Cast your soul to the sea.
When the dark night seems endless.
Please, remember me…

I have no idea why it speaks so much to me and why I haven’t written a poem about them yet. Maybe today is the day. But no further words. Just enjoy and if you can’t play the video here on the blog follow the link underneath to its YouTube location.

credit: Loreena McKennit via Emil on YouTube

Happy Music Monday to you all!!!!!!

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