Do you know Sharon Hanshaw?

Hello out there, how is life where you live? I hope it is treating you well and if not feel a wave of positive energy coming your way! You can do it no matter what your challenge is!!!!

Last week I introduced you to Mary Robinson who wrote a book about Climate Justice in which she told the stories of women (and some men) who already are at the forefront of the climate crisis. These women and men did not despair or stuck their heads in the sand. These women and men are doing something and they are doing it for quite some time.

They are so inspirational that I feel I have to introduce them to you. So today we head to Biloxi, Mississippi where Sharon Hanshaw saw her business and home being destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Then she watched the recovery efforts in the area where she lived which unfairly favourited businesses and corporations instead of the citizens who lived there all of their lives. Sharon started to organise meetings to see what her neighbours and friends needed as well as where they were unfairly losing their properties.

From there, her organisation “Coastal Women for Change” grew which empowers women through knowledge to find their voice and act on behalf of their communities.

This video from 2012 shows Sharon in conversation with “Bridge the Gulf”. She explains what projects “Coastal Women for Change” support now.

(If the video does not play here on the blog follow the link underneath to it’s original YouTube location.)

video credit: Bridge the Gulf via YouTube

Happy Saturday to you all! No matter your challenge I believe you can do it!

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