#GoodNewsTuesday: Ant Forest

Hello out there, are you rocking? Is your life good? Do you have fun? I hope you can answer all of these questions with a resounding YES but if not know, that I am sending you lots of positive energy.

It’s Tuesday and time for some good news. Have you ever heard of Ant Forest? Well, probably only if you live in China because Ant Forest is a program launched by Ant Financial Services Group in 2016. It encourages Chinese users to become more eco-friendly for example with using public transport.

Users receive green energy points that they can use to plant trees. According to the Good News Network they have already planted 122 Million trees which put them on the radar of the UN’s environment program UNEP. They made Ant Forest the 2019 Champion of the Earth for Inspiration and Action.

Who would have thought that a Chinese company will be inspirational for the environment?

Find out more on the Good News Network Page “UN Honors Chinese Company for Planting 122Mil Trees to Reward Customers for Their Eco-Friendly Habits” and in this video:

(please follow the link underneath if the video does not play here on the blog)

video credit: UNEP via YouTube

This post takes part in β€œGood News Tuesday” inspired by JoAnna on β€œAnything Possible”. I found this story over at the Good News Network. Please head over to both and find more uplifting news.

Happy Tuesday to you all!!!!!

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