Let’s write some #poetry!

Boston - Back Bay: Boston Public Library McKim...
Boston – Back Bay: Boston Public Library McKim Building – Les Muses Inspiratrices Acclament le cenie messager de lumiere (Photo credit: wallyg)

This is another post from February 2013. I posted poetry prompts every week and wanted to try out different poetry forms. This one is quite interesting. Maybe it inspires you to try and write a decastich too 🙂 :

Not enough C so there we are at D: Decastich 

There is not a lot of information about the Decastich. According to The Poets Garret it is a poem of 10 lines and you can do with it what you want. Rhyme or no rhyme, syllable pattern or no pattern….. you get the gist.

That one should be fun then :-)!

Here is my take:

Writers block

Those words don’t come easy anymore

My mind hard as a rock!

Being poetic became such a chore

Where’s that muse of mine?

I need this little something now

That creative sparkle

Can hardly take those words as a pow

They would not bloom.

Tomorrow maybe there’s more words to come

and a new one shines!

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