Pleased to Introduce you to Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim

In summer and autumn, I read Mary Robinson’s “Climate Change A Man-Made Problem with a Feminist Solution”. This book introduced me to some incredible people from all over the world and I have decided to introduce you to them too. This week we’ll meet Hindou Ouomarou Ibrahim from Chad and Conservation International writes about her on their youtube channel:

Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, from the Mbororo pastoralist community in Chad, talks about the challenges facing this indigenous community and their land from climate change. Located in the middle of Africa, Chad is a very vulnerable nation, threatened by rising temperatures and frequent drought. The Mbororo live a semi-nomadic or nomadic lifestyle, herding livestock in search of water and pasture — but with increasing droughts, there is often not enough water to support livelihoods. During her fellowship, Ibrahim documented indigenous traditional knowledge to help climate scientists better understand the effects of climate change in that region and, ultimately, to help her community adapt. She is an expert on indigenous rights, climate change adaptation and mitigation techniques, and is a co-chair of the International Indigenous Peoples’ Forum on Climate Change, which represents indigenous groups worldwide in U.N. climate negotiations.

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Find out more in this video. If it doesn’t play here on the blog follow the link underneath to it’s YouTube location.

Video credit: Conservation International via YouTube

Happy Saturday to you all!!!!!!!

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