Please meet Jannie Staffansson

Hello, how are you? I hope this Saturday finds you well and if not feel embraced by healing energy or whatever makes you feel better 😉

Currently, I am using this Saturday spot on my blog to introduce you to climate crisis activists from all over the world. In summer and autumn, I was reading a book on climate change which introduced me to these incredible people and to the fact, that climate change is already a reality for many people for many years.

One area that is already heavily affected is the arctic circle. Native peoples who live in these areas told officials as early as the 1970s that the climate is dramatically changing but until recently no one listened to their ancient knowledge.

Someone who brought this knowledge to people in power is Jannie Staffanson (See second part of article) who comes from a Sami Reindeer herding family. She said that growing up she realized, that in the media hardly anything was said about climate change while her people were talking about it all the time. She asked her father why that was. He answered, that people in power do not believe them because they did not have an accepted education. This motivated her to gain state education but also make the knowledge of her people known.

Find out about the Sami peoples point of view on the climate crisis in this video with Jannie by the Nordic Council.

(Please visit the link underneath the video if it doesn’t play here on the blog)

Video Credit: Nordic Cooperation via YouTube

Have a wonderful Saturday but also find time to make changes to your lifestyle so we can leave our children a livable planet. Thanks!

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