#SongLyricSunday: Crazy

Hello dear music lovers. How are you doing? I hope you are well and that there is always a tune in your ear that helps you along.

I love today’s prompt from Jim over at a “Unique Title for Me” who is now hosting Song Lyric Sunday. It is “crazy” and I am sure there will be great Songs on offer by all the participants.

Today we go German my dear readers. I love to introduce you to musicians which are not so mainstream or simply not so well known. That is certainly true for “Eisbrecher” a German “Neue Deutsche Haerte” (New German Hardness) band. “Neue Deutsche Haerte” is a genre that developed in the middle of the 1990’s as an answer to “Neue Deutsche Welle”. Wikipedia explains: ” Neue Deutsche Härte describes a crossover style that is influenced by Neue Deutsche Welle, alternative metal and groove metal combining it with elements from electro-industrial and techno.[2] The lyrics are generally in German. NDH uses the basic setup of instruments for metal: electric guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals, along with keyboard, synthesizers, samples and sometimes additional percussion. Emphasis is on a demonstration of predominance, by over-pronouncing certain syllables and letters (such as the uvular or alveolar trill). The vocals are thus dominantly presenting in deep, male, and clean voice.[2] Some bands use screaming and death growls, which is also common, being heard in certain songs by Oomph!, Rammstein, Joachim Witt, Megaherz and Eisbrecher. NDH imagery is often strongly masculine and militaristic. Guitars are tuned low, usually to drop D or C, and are generally heavily distorted.

I am always interested in cross over genres and sometimes love a little bit of metal. So Eisbrecher’s song “Verrueckt” crazy fits perfectly. I hope you enjoy.

(If the video doesn’t play here on the blog follow the link underneath to it’s YouTube location)

video credit: Eisbrecher on YouTube

Lyrics via LyricsTranslate


Versions: #1#2

You say I’m different,

I say you are right.

You say you’re in good mood

which means you’re sad

I’m instatiable, I get never enough.

grab into your wounds,

and stir up the blaze. 

Dinner is served,

it’s a pleasure to me.

I’m licking your lips,

because I like your taste.

Oh am I embarassing you,

are you afraid of me?

Who is normal here and who is insane? 

[Chorus] The decision has been made,

the charge inside me is ticking (ticking, ticking, ticking)

Nothing will be like before,

fortunately I’m crazy 

I’m on probation, okay I am not.

Your ugly brother, a hit in the face.

You say I’m menacing you,

I’m off the lane.

You think I understand you?

I’m tantalizing you! 

I’m totally clueless,

I don’t remember anything,

I plead on acquittal,

I’m not all here.

You say I’m embarassing you,

say, are you afraid of me?

What is normal here, and who is…

and who is insane? 

Chrous 2x Fortunately I’m crazy,

fortunately I’m crazy,

the charge inside me is ticking,

fortunately I’m crazy!

Crazy! Chorus Fortunately

I’m crazy (4x)


Happy Sunday to you all. Please hop over to Jim’s Song Lyric Sunday and find more “crazy” songs 🙂

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