#MusicMonday ~ Travel around the World ~ Greenland ~ Nive and the Deer People

Hello out there, are you ready for another country and it’s music? I have to admit I am cheating a little today. Greenland is part of Denmark but has a lot of independence. It’s come on my radar lately because of climate change but I also used to read some books from Greenland.

It was quite interesting to read up on its music which according to Wikipedia has two strands: Inuit and Danish but also some American influences. Inuit music is based around singing and drumming often connected with celebrations. Wikipedia writes about the European influences:

“European music

With the arrival of Danes, new instruments and forms of European-derived music became popular like the fiddle, accordion and Christian hymns, while Moravian missionaries introduced violins, brass instruments and a tradition of purely instrumental music. The most influential Moravian importation, however, was the polyphonic choir, which has produced popular modern vocal groups like Mik.[5] Kalattuut (dansemik) is a long-stanting form of Inuit polka, which produced popular songs and virtuosos like accordion player Louis Andreasen.[3] There is also a modern style called vaigat, which is similar to country music.[2]

I never thought that there is such a big musical scene in Greenland. The older I get the more I realise that the quote:” I know I know nothing” is of great wisdom. That is dawning on me the older I get.

So which musician or band have I chosen for today’s Music Monday? I could not escape the magic that Nive Nielsen spreads with her band “Deer People”, her voice and her acting talent. She starred in “The Terror” and “The New World” neither of which I know. But I listened to this song and was just magical. Please follow the link underneath the video if it doesn’t play here on the blog.

video credit: Nive and the Deer People via Glitterhouse on YouTube

Unfortunately, I could not find any lyrics nor translation… I hope you enjoyed it anyway!

Music Monday is a meme created by Drew from The Tattooed Book Geek where you pick a song you like and share it on a Monday. Please head over and find more brilliant music posts!

Happy Music Monday to you all!

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