#GoodNewsTuesday ~ A Badass Cross Stitch Project

Hello dear people of the blogosphere, do you have good news to spread today? If so please do, do & do!!!!!!

I am not the crafting type. I know a little knitting and can manage to sew a button back on anything not too complicated but I know several of my blogging friends are into cross stitch and quilting. That is why this story tugged on my heartstrings.

Craftswoman and activists Shannon Downey aka Badass Cross Stitch goes to estate sales to pick up unfinished needlework which can finish and then donate to charity. That in itself is a wonderful thing to do but last year she came about a huge project that a retired nurse had started aged 99. It is a huge map of the United States and Downey said she just had to finish it to honor Rita Smith who had started it just before she passed away.

On her own, this would have been a huge undertaking so I reached out to her Instagram followers and brought together a group of craftspeople who were willing to do it with her. How wonderful is that? Please read the full story here on the Good News Network or watch this video. Please follow the link underneath the video if it doesn’t play here on this blog.

video credit: CBS EveningNews on YouTube

This post takes part in β€œGood News Tuesday” inspired by JoAnna on β€œAnything Possible”. Please head over to her and find more uplifting news.

Happy Tuesday to you all!!!!!

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