#MusicMonday ~ Travel the World ~ Iceland ~ Sykur

Hello, out there are you ready for another week? Do you want to start with some music? Ok then… let’s go to Iceland. Of course, some Icelandic musicians are known all over the world. Most famously Bjork. But Iceland seems to have a wonderfully dynamic musical scene. I discovered Kaleo in 2018 and am absolutely taken by their music.

But when I looked for a new to me band from Iceland for this post I found this page “Iceland Music“. I was absolutely gobsmacked at how many interesting and very creative bands there are. I chose Sykur for today’s post. Even though my aim was to find more music in the mother tongues of the countries we are visiting with Music Monday this year I went for an English singing band because their sound is just incredible.

I could not find much information about them online but it seems they are a band which is on the scene for many years with great performances on stage and dance inviting electronic music. So let’s not get bogged down by information but just enjoy their music. If the video doesn’t play here on the blog follow the link underneath to it’s YouTube location.

video credit: Sykur on YouTube

Sykur Homepage

Happy Monday to you all!!!!!

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