Blast from the Past: Music Monday ~ No Nos Moveran ~ Joan Baez

For all those who fight for peace, freedom and justice!

“…The activist anthem “We Shall Not Be Moved” expresses resolve in the face of adversity; it helps members of social movements persevere in their struggles to build a better world. The exact origins of the song are unknown, but it appears to have begun as a Protestant revival song sung by rural whites and African slaves in the southeastern United States in the early nineteenth century. The song was subsequently adopted by U.S. labor and civil rights activists, students and workers opposing the Franco dictatorship in Spain, and by Chilean supporters of that country’s socialist government in the early 1970s…” (resource: Wordery)

Further Reading:

David Spener: We shall not be moved/No NosΒ Moveran: Biography of a song of struggle (affiliate link)

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