Times are a-changing

Hello, out there, dear readers, how are you? I hope your 2020 is going well so far and if not know that you are in my prayers daily.

I have used January for reviewing my blogging. I also used it to see where I want to head with my writing. “Zwei Seelen wohnen, ach, in meiner Brust” is a German quote from Goethe’s “Faust” which translates to “Two souls live in my chest”. Faust expressed with this sentence that there are two directions his wishes are going. I’ve always been attracted to this quote because that is precisely how I feel.

Jean Paul Laurens - Dr. Fausto

Jean-Paul Laurens [Public domain]

On the one hand, I love my job and having a regular income, but I also want to blog. And on top, I want to blog on all platforms where my blogs are hosted. My wishes go in all different directions, and I always found it challenging to combine the two. Well, in 2020, I am going to try a new way and see where it will lead me.

So, what’s coming?

In February I will be exclusively here on “The Bee Writes…” with the 2020 version of “Love Is In Da Blog” which is going to have a musical theme again. It was a great success last year, and I loved it too, so love songs it will be.

From March onwards I will be posting like this:

#MusicMonday and #GoodNewsTuesday will continue here on “The Bee Writes…”. The other days will be filled with positive messages, stories and poetry.

There’ll be #WordlessWednesday on “Bee Wordless” at Blogger with any other photography related posts that I might want to write.

Bee in Cromer several years ago

On Thursday, I hop over to “The Bee Creates…” and offer posts on self-care, coding and book reviews. Maybe I can venture into reviewing other things too, but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

Friday’s are for “Bee Poetic & Writing” over at Tumblr where I post poems and posts about the climate crisis.

And I might start writing some short stories again on Saturday’s here on “The Bee Writes…”. However, I feel that might be a little too much.

And where else can you find me?

Every 13th of the month I ponder spiritual topics over at “Sisters of the Fey“. If you are interested in spirituality, this is a great place to learn new things but also find a fantastic community of incredible writing ladies.

I try to write a short post every day over at “Therapy Bits” with a motivating message as well as a poem. Please check out the rest of the blog too and support Carol Anne and her alters on her incredible journey through life. Thanks!

And I hope to revive my newsletter. It will cover information and blog suggestions on self-care, book reviews and a blog post of the month in which I want to feature a new blogger every month.

Looking forward to meeting you…

… in my creative world. May 2020 be auspicious for us all!!!!

Please head over to “Bee Wordless” and find today’s “Wordless Wednesday” post about the cliff fall at Trimmingham beach. You can also find my posts about life, the universe and everything over at “The Bee Creates…“.

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