Love Is In Da Blog 2020 Day 10: A Love Song for your Family in General & Prompt for Day 11

Sorry for the late posting of this one. I got the scheduling wrong. Ooops….

Hello out there, dear people of the blogosphere, how are you rolling? Is there always a good tune in you ear? Do you have a mug of your favourite hot beverage and a friend to chat to? I very much hope so!!!! And no matter if or if not you are in my thoughts and prayers daily!

Today’s prompt was suggested by Paula of “Light Motifs II” and is “A love song for your family in general”. Thanks so much for your suggestion, Paula.

That of course can be a tricky topic. Not all families are loving and and even the loving ones are often riddled with trouble. Those of you who read my blogs for a long time do know about my troubled relationship with my father and my lingering pain of losing my mother so early. That is why I chose a song that depicts the pain of love.

But my family is much bigger than these painful parts. My paternal grandparents always were a great help. I have two uncles from both sides and god parents who always were there for all of us and gave us many wonderful memories. I love them to bits and am so glad I was lucky enough to have them around growing up.

The band I have chosen today is “Rosenstolz” who was quite successful in Germany in the 1990’s and up to 2012. I lost them out of sight a little when I moved here to the UK but every now and then YouTube brings them back up on my radar.

The song I have chosen is the first I ever heard and saw of them. In those days I was rather into fairy tales and their psychological interpretation. So innuendos to the “Frog Prince” absolutely tempted me to hear more. The album “Macht Liebe” (which means either “Power Love” or “Make Love“) came out in 2002 and the “Es tut immer noch weh” video was often on TV. However, I did not particularly like the rest of the songs.

My favourite became “Die Schlampen sind muede” (The sluts are tired). “Macht Liebe” was more an electropop album while “Die Schlampen sind muede” includes more ballads and chanson-like songs with rather quirky lyrics. And I just can’t resist a quirky lyric LOL.

So please enjoy this creative duo and their song and find the translation underneath the video. (please visit the link underneath if the video does not play here on the blog)

Video Credit: Rosenstolz via YouTube

Translation of “Es tut immer noch weh” via LyricTranslate

It still hurts

because there’s nothing anymore

Bad luck,

there was much happiness in our way

The two of us real big,

now we are small and let off too fast 

It still hurts

It still hurts

Because nobody knows where to go

Because nobody knows what’s going on 

It still hurts

It still hurts

We didn’t want to risk it

To loose something when sharing 

And you look right through me

like I’m made of glas

Unfortunately nothing of what I promised is right

But time can be cruel,

it breaks your heart,

then it’s going to heal it again 

Es tut immer noch weh

Es tut immer noch weh

wir wollten`s nicht riskieren

beim Teilen zu verlieren 

Even if you promise me the moon

We are still at the ground

And can’t move 

I think I won’t be able to make it again

We never found each other

It’s not enough for a life (together)

Love Is In Da Blog 2020 prompt for day 11

Tomorrow we go down memory lane with a prompt from me:

A love song from the year we were born

That will be utterly intriguing πŸ™‚

Now dear readers

go, find music

and have lots of fun!!!!

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      1. A mosh pit is an area where moshing occurs, especially in front of the stage at a rock concert. It is usually guys who throw their bodies around in attempt to have a good time, but many people get hurt doing this. In your video, you can see all those shirtless guys moshing around and that is why I mentioned it.

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