Love Is In Da Blog 2020 Day 14: On Valentine’s Day, it has to be about Cupid & Prompt for Day 15

Hello out there dear readers and “Love Is In Da Blog” Bloggers: Happy Valentine’s Day! I know not all of you have a partner to turn to but maybe you take the chance of Valentine’s Day and give yourself some time and do something good for yourself. It is as important to be in love with yourself than with someone else. I feel you can’t love somebody else if you do not feel any love for who you are. And no matter which challenge you face at the moment always remember: You rock!!!!

Today’s prompt is by Jim of A Unique Title For Me and is “Cupid” or as I put it “On Valentineโ€™s Day, it has to be about Cupid”. Thanks Jim for this lovely prompt.

And I stumbled over an incredible artist: Her name is Stephanie Madsen an “artisan” musician who takes her family first and has not signed up with any label: She produces her own albums and gets support for it on her Patreon page. After a break from music she came back to it while dealing with mental health problems. Her guitar teacher who is also a producer suggested to her to publish her own music and that is what she did and does.

It’s her mission to give us calming and motivating music and this song definitely has something calming about it. Please enjoy Stephanie Madsen and her song “Cupid” and if it does not play here on the blog follow the link underneath the video to it’s YouTube location. Also find out more about her on her page.

Video Credit: Stephanie Madsen via YouTube

Love Is In Da Blog 2020 prompt for day 15

Barbara gave us tomorrow’s genre prompt:

Find rock songs about love

Please head over to Barbaraโ€™s blog “Teleporting Weena” and check out her wonderful posts.

Now dear readers

go, find music

and have lots of fun!!!!

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