Love Is In Da Blog 2020 + 1 is over & an invitation to a year-long music challenge

Hello out there dear people of the blogosphere. Can you imagine? February is over and with it “Love Is In Da Blog”.

What a month full of wonderful and sometimes a little curious music. Thank you so much to all of you who took part. It’s been a pleasure to hear your music.

And a special thanks to Barbara from Teleporting Weena, Di from Pensitivity101, Jim from A Unique Title for me and Paula from Light Motifs II for your exvellent prompt suggestions. “Love Is In Da Blog 2020” wouldn’t have been the same without them!

So here is my “thank you” song which is dedicated to all of you!

Video Credit: Abba via YouTube

Again thank you for the music to all of you wonderful “Love Is In Da Blog” Bloggers!!!!! You rock! You taught us about new music and gave us classics we love. I can only repeat: You rock!!!!!

Di from Pensitivity101

Paula from Light Motifs II

Barbara from Teleporting Weena

Jim from A Unique Title For Me

Caramel from “Crushed Caramel

I scrap 2 from “I Scrap 2

Rugby843 from “The Bag Lady

Gregory from “My Rattled Cage

Lady Manila from “LadyLeeManila

Carol Anne from ” TherapyBits

Melanie from Sparks from a Combustbible Mind

Nandini from Queen Nandini

JoAnna from “Anything Is Possible

A.M. Moscoso from “My Enduring Bones

Sorry, if I forgot someone. Please let me know and I add you!!!!

I am working on a YouTube playlist with all our songs. Please bear with me as I could not always get exact the same video you chose. Also, I could not do all of them yet. Next year I add them as we move along 😊.

Find it here Love Is In Da Blog 2020 on YouTube.

Invitation to a year-long challenge

In December, I have started a musical journey all over the world on Mondays. There are music universes out there that we know nothing of because we tend to listen to our own countries music mostly.

Now that β€œLove Is In Da Blog 2020” comes to an end I am wondering if other bloggers want to take part in my world-wide musical blog tour. It is so great to check out other bloggers music choices and it would be wonderful if I have some help to find great music from other countries. Can I entice you to take part?

If so, check out my “Come Away With Me Musical Challenge” and find out more.

If not, happy blogging, happy music listening and happy 2020


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