Good News Tuesday is back on “The Bee Writes…”

Hello, out there all you good people of the blogosphere. How are you doing? I hope you are well, and life is treating you well. And if you have a challenge to face, then know that my thoughts and prayers are with you!

It’s Tuesday, and I think we all need some good news with Coronavirus, Brexit and lots of other challenges around. So isn’t it good that JoAnna of “Anything is Possible” hosts “Good News Tuesday?” I think it is brilliant.

First of all, I want to say thank you to all who have been kind to me in the last couple of weeks and include me in their prayers, take part in my blog events or just think of me. Even though I do not know yet at what stage my breast cancer is I feel carried by a wave of positive energy from family, friends and even strangers. I think that is an enormous help to face whatever it is that’s coming my way.

That is why I looked for a good news story about helping and encouraging cancer patients, and I did not have to look long. Over in the United States, Gina Mulligan created the non-profit charity “Girls Love Mail” after she received hundreds of letters when she was fighting cancer. She said she realised that a supportive letter has the power to heal and I absolutely believe in this. (please follow the link underneath if the video does not play here on the blog)

Video Source: Girls Love Mail via YouTube

Yesterday, I let you know about the breast cancer care unit the hospital I attend is fundraising for. But I know that not everybody has money to give away but still wants to do something. So if you like to write a good old handwritten letter and help a woman newly diagnosed with breast cancer then check out Girls Love Mail and support them in any way you feel you can. And please remember: you rock no matter what you do!!!!!

Also, find out what the Good News Network wrote about Gina and “Girls Love Mail”. Thank you very much!

This post takes part in “Good News Tuesday” inspired by JoAnna on “Anything Possible”. Please head over and find more wonderful and inspiring stories. Thanks!

Happy Tuesday to you all despite everything!

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