Let’s get Wordless… sort of…

Hello out there, how are you? I hope you feel well and if not that you have a hot beverage of your liking and someone to chat to. May you feel loved today.

Life is flukey sometimes. I accompanied the best husband in the world to hospital in December. We took the dog too and I walked her along the Colney Woodland Walk along the car park of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals

Sign of Colney Woodland Walk at Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals

On my way back I towards the hospital I took a picture of the front of the hospital and pondered my family history of cancer. The day before I was there for a consultation because of my swollen lymph nodes under my left arm. I also pondered the fact that I thought I would get cancer at one point in my life and hoped it would be now. I was to get another appointment for an ultrasound and a mammogram which I had at the beginning of January. That’s where they found the lump in my breast.

Image of Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals

Well, looks like my intuition does work rather well 😦

Greyhound Sherky on Colney Woodland Walk
Sherky on Colney Woodland Walk. She was very excited
Bughotel at Colney Woodland Walk
These old palets are a huge bughotel. Different forms of bughotel are littered all along Colney Woodland Walk
Happy greyhound
Our rescue greyhound Sherky loves travelling and discovering new places. She really enjoyed herself at this walk
Winding path through woodland
A long winding path…

This post takes part in Wordless Wednesday. Please head over and find more glorious photo posts.

11 thoughts on “Let’s get Wordless… sort of…

    1. Thanks so much Esha. Your tjoughts and oraxers are much appreciated!!! Unfortunately, it is breast cancer, I know so much already. Just not how bad and how it will be treated. Tomorrow the wait has an end and even tjough it sounds strange I am glad I can then start somewhere πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ

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      1. Bee, you will be in my thoughts as pray for your painless healing and quick recovery and that things only get better from here on. You stay strong, my friend and Hope for the most positive outcomes from the treatment. Do keep us posted on the progress.
        Take care.

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  1. Oh no, Bee!!! I had no idea. I don’t do prayers, as you know by now, but you are for sure in my thoughts and I’m sending good karma and healing energy your way. (I love your dog, by the way!)

    Huge Hugs, my friend.

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