Blast from the Past: A spring ritual


This post was first published in March 2015 but the above image is from spring 2018:

Some 15 years ago I started a little late winter or early spring ritual.

The house I lived in at that time had a terrace at the back which was well protected from wind and it already got pretty warm there at the beginning of February. One day I took my cup of tea and sat outside and just watched the snowdrops, some squirrels and listened to the birds. I so enjoyed the first time I could sit outside and have my cup of tea.

Later on, I lived in an apartment without a balcony so I didn’t have the chance to do it which I really missed. Many rented houses later I am lucky to have a step to our porch which overlooks the field in front of our house and in summer I often sit there enjoying something to drink or just to sit and ponder life.

Today was the first day that was warm enough for sitting outside. But I was a busy bee and rather did some more weeding than having my spring ritual tea mug or coffee cup. Well, I decided to keep that for Sunday after work. I only work until 12 and I can’t wait to get home and greet spring with a hopeful “cheers mate!” πŸ˜‰

And how do you celebrate the coming of spring?

6 thoughts on “Blast from the Past: A spring ritual

  1. I clean out the bird feeder and hang it in the tree just outside my living room window. Then I walk around and look for flowers that are starting to come up in my flower beds. And I thank God for another spring – my favorite time of year.

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