We Can Do It…but What Day Is It Anyway? (10.4.2020)

Hello out there, how are you doing? I hope you are coping well with all the changes that are facing us and if not feel hugged. In my last couple of posts, I’ve questioned if I should ask how we feel. Too many emotions going around for all of us, I guess. But on the other side, it might be essential to check in with ourselves so we can take action if we need help with our mental and emotional health.

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So what day is it anyway? Friday, I guess and Good Friday at that. I have to admit I utterly oversaw the fact Easter was coming up. We are not religious, so we often don’t particularly think about any holidays, but now that’s totally out of the window. So no chocolate Easter eggs for us. We will survive…

Yesterday morning when I was writing this post, I was rather tired even though I had a good night’s sleep. Waking up at half four, I was sufficiently motivated and happy, but after helping the best husband (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the world making breakfast, seeing him off to work, playing a little, doing my exercises, caring for my dry skin and meditating deep tiredness set in. I assume it has to do with the fact that I am not going out much.

I try to keep track of my breathing as anxiety has slowly crept back in my life. Deep breathing also helps with side effects of the operation, so I feel I keep doing the right thing. On Wednesday, I have started to moisturize the areas around my scars with Lavender- and Frankincense oil in a carrier oil despite the advice of the doctor to just leave it alone. That seems to make a difference because my skin definitely feels softer. I also seem a little more confident in caring for myself in my more alternative ways. That’s an improvement even though I never felt too bothered about everything.

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Yesterday’s binge watching was “Wanted Down Under – Where Are They Now?” I have to admit it distracted me quite a bit from writing this post, but I hope it doesn’t show too much. While I didn’t have to help cooking on Wednesday, I decided to do so yesterday. I feel I need to start doing things to get myself back into the swing of things.

I don’t really follow a daily routine and often feel that is a bad thing. It certainly helps with getting stuff done but hey… maybe that’s just not who I am. So maybe I just practise self-acceptance and get on with it 🙂

Let’s remind ourselves why we are here:

Linda over at “Life in Progress” has started the “What day is it anyway” blog event. She invites us all to share a little of our new daily routines, struggles and successes. She writes: “

Why I’m writing this post:

Because if you’re like me and stuck at home already, or if you’re going to be like me soon, the days of the week are going to be hell to keep track of. We have a wonderful community here on WordPress and all over the Internet as well, and I’m sure many people are feeling nervous and/or isolated. I want to make sure every one of us has somewhere to congregate and someone to talk to.

I want everyone to know that you can start discussions with each other in the comments, and if you’d like to write your own “What Day is it Anyway?” post, you can link to this one. Hashtag #WDIIA.

Let’s keep in touch!

And I can only encourage you to take her up on the offer 🙂 . Here is her post from Wednesday.

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So, I made you laugh. My job is done here 😉

Ah, no, not yet. Of course, I need to take care of your free time needs too 🙂 I researched free learning possibilities a couple of years ago and decided to share them for your convenience 🙂

MOOC-List is the search engine that lets you find the MOOC you are looking for. It lists all courses from the major providers of MOOC’s and has a handy “courses that start in the next 30 days” list to browse. It is convenient if you want to get an overview which providers offers what right now.

Open Culture: Doesn’t only let you find MOOC’s but also free Audio Books, Movies, Languages, Textbooks, eBooks. There is a list of different topics and the free offer connected which are mainly free iTunes videos so you would need an iTunes account for most its offer.

Open Learn by Open University: Open Learn is the free part of the Open University where you can have a sneak peek into its courses, but there are also full courses available. They offer so-called badge courses that allow you after taking part and passing all assessments to apply for a badge that you can display, for example, on LinkedIn to show your professional learning progress.

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Just one more thing before you go: The hospital that is treating me is fundraising for a dedicated breast cancer unit which would allow same-day diagnosis and better premises for patients and staff.

Please, if you can spare a little money hop over to their Just Giving Page and give as little or much as you can. Or share the page on your social media. Your support means a lot to me! Thank you very much.

Thanks my dears, for staying with me until the end. I appreciate your presence. Please stay safe, stay kind and remember that you rock!

2 thoughts on “We Can Do It…but What Day Is It Anyway? (10.4.2020)

  1. I thought this morning as I dragged myself out of bed that if it wasn’t for Alex, I’d probably stay there all day. I’m grateful that I have to follow his routine! I wonder if I’m more emotionally exhausted than physically.
    Take care, my friend. ❤

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    1. I guess it would be the same for me were it not for thr husband and the dog. That is a thought: being emotionally exhausted. It’s a lot we have to deal with on top of our “normal” stresses. So self-care is even more important. Please stay safe and take care too 🙋‍♀️🐝

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