#ClimateJusticeSaturday ~ Climate Warriors ~ a Film

Hello out there, how are you all, you lovely people? I know we are facing a multitude of challenges currently, but let’s remember to stop now and then and think. To look behind the current and apparent problems towards the ultimate challenge for humankind.

Climate Crisis!

From the few sources that I have read ( European Bank: Spending to counteract coronavirus creates chance to โ€œtilt to greenโ€; Harvard. T.H. Than: Coronavirus and Climate Change, WHO: Climate change and human health – risks and responses. Summary. I gather that climate change increases the transmission of viruses and will cause epi- and pandemics more often.

In the last three months, we have seen how much havoc pandemics can cause. It’s not the economy that has been saving us in the previous three months. It is doctors, nurses, farmers, cleaners… who do. We have also seen that we can do a lot of things differently and that we might not need everything that we thought we might need.

There are solutions out there, and it is time for us to grab those solutions because it is we who do the change. Not politicians. Not corporations. Not banks. We!

On Thursday, I stumbled over a film called “Climate Warriors” by a German filmmaker. It was published in 2018 and gives thoughtful insight into the fight of several climate activists from Germany and the United States. It also gives knowledge about our current energy use and how we are misled by corporations and some politicians. This film shows some solutions, and as a plus, you see Arnold Schwarzenegger vs D. Trump on climate change. ๐Ÿ™‚

This film is available on Amazon Prime for free, and you can buy it on YouTube. I could not find any other sources, but I am sure there are others too.

Here is a trailer to give you an idea.

video credit: Fechner MEDIA Production via YouTube

Happy Saturday to you all despite everything!

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