Over at Jill’s: Then … And Now, 2020

How right Jill is and how sad this makes me:”

It’s funny that the longer humans are on this earth, the more ‘developed’ our society becomes, the better educated we become, the less tolerant and compassionate we are.”

Please head over and read her post. Thanks!

Today, June 17th, marks the 135th anniversary of the arrival of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbour.  I did a post similar to this one last year on this date (actually, a couple of days late), but this year my point is still valid and so I have updated it to reflect the […]

Then … And Now, 2020

5 thoughts on “Over at Jill’s: Then … And Now, 2020

  1. Good share.
    Sad to see a nation with such a potentially promising start making the same mistakes we in Europe (to name one region of the world) had been making for centuries before the Americas were even ‘found’ by Europeans.

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