#Poets on Friday ~ Ingeborg Bachmann introduced by Professor Rainer Schulte, Center for Translation Studies, University of Texas

Hello out there, how are you on this Friday morning? I hope you are well and if not that you find help with a poem and someone who holds you tight.

Today I want to introduce you to the Austrian poet Ingeborg Bachmann. I stumbled over her poetry first at school but later in a poetry book about German writing poetesses that my step-mum gave me. Her words resonated with me but had a little edge to it. It wasn’t love at first sight but with more life experience her poems came closer to my experience.

To make your own mind up about her work have a look here at Poem Hunter

Unfortunately, I could hardly find anything about her in English but a short introduction by Professor Rainer Schulte from the University in Texas. There are also more poems by her on All Poetry.

Please follow the link underneath the video if it doesn’t play here on the blog.

video credit: UT Dallas Center for Translation Studies by YouTube

Happy Friday to you all!!!!!

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