Some Heat on #SongLyricSunday

Hello out there, music lovers. How are you doing today? I hope you have a beautiful Sunday that is not too hot nor too cold. I am sending you good vibes and your favourite hot or cold beverage just because… ;-).

What’s up at Song Lyric Sunday today?

Jim’s Song Lyric Sunday challenges us to find a song for the topic “Cool/Freeze/Heat/Melt”. I had to think a little bit about this one. As you know, I am exploring music from all over the world since December 2019. If you follow any of my social media, you have come across the singer I am introducing you to today already.

Her name is Wiyaala. She was born in the North West of Ghana and has created and outstanding musical career in a extremely conservative country.

How did I come across Wiyaala?

At the beginning of 2020 one video showed up all the time when I was signing into YouTube. It was Wiyaala’s interpretation of Osibia’s “Woyaya/We are going”. At first, I did not take any notice. But I liked the confident look of the girl on the video, and I have a thing for blue, skies and mountains ๐Ÿ™‚ .

So in the end, I had a look. And I was hooked.

Who is Wiyaala?

Wiyaala was born in Funsi, a little conservative place in the North West of Ghana. Ghana is one of the West African countries around the Gulf of Guinea. She was lucky because her musical mother refused her daughters to be married young. She also refused to adhere to the tradition of FGM, which enabled Wiyaala to become an entertainer. You can find out more about her here on her homepage.

I am following her both on Instagram and Twitter. It shows a lot what sort of person Wiyaala is. On Twitter, she tries to answer many tweets. She thanked me on one of my first shares of her music. On Instagram, she gives a lot of insight into the life of a Ghanian village. She also shares a lot about her life. For example, she shared several videos on her lock-down experience.

Wiyaala is also an influencer for UNICEFGhana to fight for the abolition of FGM, early child marriage and the rights of children.

She was “discovered” by the BBC in 2014 and has travelled all over the world since. From what I gather from her tweets, she is seen rather critical in her own country for the connection to Europe.

You might have come across her music if you watched the Commonwealth Games in Australia in 2018 or are a customer of Western Union.

And what is hot about Wiyaala?

I have seen a couple of Wiyaala video’s which are rather saucy. She does try to fight the image of the meek woman who can’t create her own destiny and I think that is why she creates these empowered but often also critical videos.

The video I chose for today is called “Village Sex” and is Wiyaala’s take on a traditional wedding song from her village. Originally this song was meant as a warning to young men to have sex before their marriage. Wiyaala’s take seems to be more humorous. But please make up your own mind.

Oh, one thing more: Wiyaala sings many of her songs in her native Sisaala tongue. I have added a couple of links to articles that explain what the song is about. Unfortunately, I could not find any lyrics to it. Am cheating a little here I admit ๐Ÿ™‚

video credit: Wiyaala via YouTube

More information about Wiyaala’s “Village Sex” video

Ghana Star: Wiyaala premiers “Village Sex” video

Bong: Wiyaala releases video to her “Village Sex” single

DaWuro: New Video: Wiyaala “Village Sex”

This post takes part in Jim’s Song Lyric Sunday. Please head over and find many exciting music posts and the suggestions on how to take part too.

The Bag Lady” doesn’t always take part in Song Lyric Sunday, but her posts rock ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Sunday to you all despite everything!

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7 thoughts on “Some Heat on #SongLyricSunday

  1. OMG, how much do I love this?! Love her voice in “We Are Going” and the energy of “Village Sex” – and the song had a tongue-in-cheek/satiric feeling to me too!

    Thanks for the introduction! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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