It gets better on #SongLyricSunday

Hello out there, music lovers. How are you doing today? I am tired my dear readers. On Monday I had my third round of chemotherapy and the first week afterwards is always a bit of a struggle. Not too much but enough for me to take a break from blogging.

But guess what? WordPress is great and let’s us schedule posts and so I did 🙂

What’s up at Song Lyric Sunday today?

Jim’s Song Lyric Sunday challenged us to find a song for the topic “Best/Better/Good/Great”. And today I bring you to Marocco/ Essaouira at the Hotel Les Terrasses D’Essaouira where Andalucious played at the Essaouira Atlantic Andalusia Festival. I have discovered Andalucious via my virtual travels on “Come Away With Me” and I just love their music.

Andalucious are a Jewish ensemble that tries to bring back music that used to be performed by the Jewish community in North Africa. This music has mainly Marroccan and Algerian roots.

At the Essaouira Atlantic Andalusia Festival they recorded a song that encourages Jewish and Muslim people to see their similarities and not their reasons for war. I think that is a very good topic! This is what it says on YouTube about he following video:

We live in a camping car, fully equipped music recording studio, travel the world and record wonderful bands with a peaceful message 🙂 Hit the subscribe button for the latest videos & podcast and join us on our journey Discover new artists and music to make your day sweet ! ‘Andalucious’ Passionate masters on their instruments and great personalities makes a fantastic and honest musical mix with wonderful melodies, smart lyrics and catchy songs in various genres of North African music: Morrocan Andalusian music, Algerian Chaabi, Piyyutim and more We love to present you this great song that was recorded in Morocco Essaouira at the Hotel Les Terrasses D’Essaouira – Check out the lyrics and translations. The Universe connected us as we were looking for artists and they were looking for someone who can record them due their visit in Morocco to play concerts at the 15th Festival des Andalousies Atlantiques d’Essaouira 🙂 The setup was tight as we had only 40 min. for mic setup, soundcheck, put the cameras and record – what you have here is the first take and it was magic. We love to say thank you for this great experience and wish you all the best !!! The lyrics are wonderful !!! Each one is different but we are all equal and should spend our time to live in peace together 🙂 The Track was Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Adrian “Ady” Parzentny from Hit The Road Music Studio : A mobile record studio, traveling and recording artists all around the world !

Another reason why I chose this song is obvious. For the Muslim community Alah is great!

Please allow your listening habits be challenged with this long music piece. It’s a wonderful jam of brilliant musicians. Please feel free to follow the link underneath to it’s YouTube location and put on the subtitles for a translation of the lyrics. Thanks very much!

video credit: Andalucious via Hit the Road Studios via YouTube

Andalucious on Yabiladi: Andalucious, exploring roots through North African music

Andalucious singer Tamar Bloch on Haaretz: An Israeli Singer Taps Into Her Moroccan Roots – in Show of Defiance Against Hebrew

This post takes part in Jim’s Song Lyric Sunday. Please head over and find many exciting music posts and the suggestions on how to take part too.

Please also visit Tao Talk who often takes part in Song Lyric Sunday with many brilliant songs.

Happy Sunday to you all despite everything!

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