Dare to Think & Dare to Feel

July 2020

I can’t add anything to this

June 2017

Maybe this “Dare to feel” or “Dare to follow your gut instinct” is more important than ever.


February 2011

This sentence was written in the 18th century by the famous German philosopher Emmanuel Kant. However, I ask myself if it is still up to date.

Subtly we get manipulated

If I have a look at how subtle and subconsciously we get manipulated by advertising, for example, or by the way media choose their topics, I wonder how much we can think for ourselves. The internet definitely is an excellent opportunity to find information from other than the mainstream media. However, it still needs time to sort through all the information. That also needs some energy to do. And most people do not have a lot of time.

Have we developed standarts that lead us when chosing information?

And what does lead us to choose the right information? Are we educated enough and have we developed standards that lead us? It used to be religion or society that gave secure standards to follow. There were always one or two individuals who didn’t agree and became either outlaws or outstanding people. But there was something that led you. Today society expects you to choose for yourself, and there are so many religions you can follow; it starts getting confusing.

Dare to follow your gut instinct

Thinking about what led me along my life’s path, I realised it wasn’t only the ability to think that led me or the people I learned from. It also had something to do what felt right. That kind of gut feeling where you just know something is the right decision. Sometimes my logic agreed, but sometimes there was no logical reason what so ever to choose how I chose, but it was always right.

So maybe today it is not only “dare to think” but also “dare to feel”?

video credit: Existentialist Dasein via YouTube

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6 thoughts on “Dare to Think & Dare to Feel

  1. Our sense of right and wrong is still instilled by our parents and society, Bee, so at the end of the day, all the is expected now is a great sense of discipline, innovation and responsibility than in the past when people were told what to do. Now you have to take the tools you’ve been given and make your own decisions. That fits with the Fourth Industrial Revolution society we are fast moving towards.

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    1. Oh, I haven’t heard of that expression. I need to look that up. But I think the internet is an invention like the wheel and book print. It will change everything and we are right in the middle of that upheaval. We need to be able to think critically but also follow our gut which in my experience always leads you right if you are able to understand the message ๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ


  2. It is common (and truth be known always has been) to believe that ‘they’ are the governing classes in whatever form or are vast commercial combines. Thus we express our freedom by questioning ‘them’, not listening to ‘them’ and assuming anyone who ‘advises’ you not to do so must be a revolutionary who is concerned with freedom. ‘Truthbearers’ or ‘Truth-seekers’.
    What is often missed is that anyone who writes or pronounces a believe is speaking with an agenda.
    Now this may be benign, it may even be in the scheme of things quite modest and thus a simple preference or interest which fits into the social scheme of things.
    The danger is assuming if it is against the ‘Authority’s Line’ it must be so; when ,truth be known, there is as much distortion and dissembling to be encountered in the words of these ‘Truthbearers’ as anywhere. To repeat everyone has an agenda.
    Distrust of Authority can have its own consequences- Hitler, Pol Pot, and on a much lesser scale Donald Trump.
    Anyone who speaks/writes looks to influence (there’s a thought ….’Influencers’). It is therefore essential not to read or listen to just one, nor to take their words at face value. Sometimes ‘Authority’ is more trustworthy than ‘Truth-Seekers/Bearers’….sometimes it is not. Yours is the responsibility to judge the agenda, the quality and the reason behind the words you are reading or listening to, one book or one blog should not be accepted at face value.
    Thus having argued quite successfully and in glorious paradox why you should not accept these words of mine I conclude.

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      1. Quite so.
        There was a play of the early 1970s, the title of which I have forgotten. It involves two rootless men wandering through Ireland at the time of 17th Century Civil Wars. Not a very memorable one, save for this exchange:
        ‘There are two sides to every argument,’
        ‘Three, if the truth be known,’
        As you rightly point out we choose the lesser evil and hope it will work out for the best. History is full of those.
        All we can work for within ourselves are Compassion, Respect and Tolerance to our fellow beings…and this is a very hard task!

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