Good Morning Writers ~ Randy Ingermanson on Social Media for Writers

6 thoughts on “Good Morning Writers ~ Randy Ingermanson on Social Media for Writers”

  1. This is interesting, Bee. I think you need to keep yourself in the markets eye and that is the benefit of social media. You have to remind people about your books and your life. When they see something pop up about your new book, they have a bit of a relationship and memory of you.

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    1. I agree but I also find it’s too much sometimes. On Twitter for example I sometimes only have posts advertising for books etc and I have to admit that annoys me especially when I bought the book already. I am not much on other social media, so I don’t know how it’s there. Instagram seems better because authors bring in more about their writing life which I find very interesting. When I feel ok I try to make my messages for blog posts more personal and encouraging. Not sure it works but you can only try 🙋‍♀️🐝😊


      1. Hi Bee, I like blogging best because you learn more about the people and interact more. I always say that twitter is the garbage can of social media because people post so much rubbish there. You would never post 100 posts a day on your blog about your book so why do it on Twitter. I post about my books occasionally on Twitter and FB but not very often.

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      2. 🤣 “garbage can of social media” that us hilarious. My experience is: it depends on Twitter. I just chuck out those who post ten times a day about their book. Then it’s ok 😊. I can’t blame authors though doing it. Some so-called social media experts suggest that sort if strategy 🙋‍♀️🐝


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