Poem on Friday ~ Let the door do the talking

August 2020
I am using this month to work through my old posts. Some of them I post with the date they were initially posted. Some I re-publish for this month because they were fun, exciting or simply are still up-to-date. This poem was just plain fun. Feel free to use the prompt even though it is from 2015.
June 2020

Invited to let the door do the talking

Yes, I invited you to get “intimate” with your bathroom door. Well, not what you think of course!
I had a good look at our bathroom door a few days ago and realised how wonky it is. As we live in an old cottage a lot of parts are a little wonky which made me wonder how much this bathroom door might have seen in its life.

What would the bathroom door say?

What would it tell you if it could speak? Has it always been a bathroom door? Has there always been a bathroom? Who knows. Of course, I could ask our landlord and landlady who live beside us but that would be a little cheating, wouldn’t it?

Experimental Poetry

Since a few months, I like to get more experimental with my poetry even though I am not too big a fan of poetry that doesn’t really make sense. But hey! Life is short, and time for creativity even shorter. Let’s get rocking and connect the bathroom door with “Language is a Virus”.
For more enlightenment have a look here.

My Poem


A knock sometimes.
Never a kreen or a piaaak.
I creak usually
When you open me
When you close me
I creak
Yes creaking I do
I will never
Tell you my secrets
Of hidden tears
Or laughter
I creak
Yes creaking I do
I will never
Tell you my secrets
Of beauty
And disgust
I creak
Yes creaking I do
I will never
Give away
Your secrets


My poem after “Language is a Virus”

This poem looks a little different when I was working with it on “Language is a Virus” and it’s “Visual Poetry” gadget: Unfortunately, I lost this image
There is still time to take part in “The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt”.

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