You’re not mine ~ A Poem

August 2020

Hello, out there all you lovely people. I hope you are having a bearable day despite everything. Or even a great day? That would be wonderful. Today I am sharing another poem. I wrote it in June 2015, thinking about the children of my husband. My path in life did not include bearing children. However, to me, all children deserve my care and my protection as much as it is in my ability.

I was lucky enough that my step-children accepted me from the beginning. They are now wonderful young people who start to go their own way which is sometimes a hard thing to accept. More so for my husband, I guess.

I so often think of my grandmother, who said that to her all of her children and grandchildren were still young children. It was hard for her to see us as grown-ups. And I now understand how she felt.

This is not my best poem, I admit. Not all can be. But it expresses well, how I feel and how important they are to us.

June 2015

You’re not mine

You’re not mine
Not from my womb
Not from my blood
I love you
No matter what

The pain you feel hurts me.
The joy you feel pleases me.

I am a keeper of your soul
A guide for just
A little while.

Then I must let you go
Your own way.

And I know
All will be well


No matter what
I love you
Even though
You are not mine

Happy Saturday to all of you despite everything!

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