When did the Wise One’s teach: “Let them die on our shores!”? & We All Suffer When They Divide Us ~ A Rant and I am not sorry

Oh, peeps, I am off again. I can’t get it. How can people be so so so egotistic, arrogant and plain cruel?

Yesterday a young man from Sudan died in the British Channel, and the racists say: “Oh, one mouth less to feed” and Priti blames the people’s smugglers.

Supposedly these people are “protecting” the “Christian” values in our Western societies but when the heck did Jesus preach: “Let them die in Dinghies because you are too greedy, arrogant & cruel to help?”

For a while this morning I felt terrible for being so angry about all this shit happening. But then I remembered Jesus throwing the sellers out of the temple. I could imagine that he had one hell of a temper too. Maybe he was also ginger? We are supposed to have a temper.

Yes, I do not consider myself a Christian anymore, but hell, Jesus had the right idea for a world where we can live together in peace and don’t let children die in the sea. He asked them to come to him and not to send them away. Maybe these so-called “Christian” societies take an example from their spiritual leader?

Besides “our” children who died in the Manchester Arena attack are worth mourning, but a young man who wanted a better life and probably was sent out to bring in money to feed his family way back in Sudan is not worth it? Is that what these people are saying?

What is wrong with people? Well, the fact, they feel left out. A mindset of “I don’t have enough” and “For the life of me, I cannot share!”

And not to forget politicians: “Oh, my family came as immigrants, but I wouldn’t let other’s in because they just abuse the system.” It is pretty clear to me that this sort of Politician abuse the system and not immigrants. Or am I wrong?

Oh, and I forgot that a British worker in Germany is an “ex-pat”, but I am an “Immigrant” in Britain. Language is very revealing. Will it ever help, to call a naked emperor “naked” or will the tabloids keep brainwashing the racists, so they won’t see who the real enemy is? For heaven’s sake, your TV shows show you daily what racist rhetoric did back in the 1930s, and it will be you who suffers the most. Look at the last war? Who suffered? The small people everywhere, no matter whose leader they followed.

I feel so helpless. It makes me angry that our Western societies live on emerging societies backs and blame them for their problems. There would be fewer problems with less colonialism and more respectful language, I would say. But what do I know?

Yesterday I was listening to a German band I used to listen to as a teenager. A recent song of theirs tells the story of brothers coming from Africa with a vision of Europe: To find work and a life worth living. One of them dies in the Straight of Gibraltar. A couple of minutes later, I switched the music off, and the news on and that boy had died.

Video &n Song Lyrics: W. Niedecken’s BAP via YouTube

You can find the English translation here.

It makes me so angry that racist countries use social media to meddle with elections and brainwash people into being divided. And again: who will suffer? It will be fu….. all of us. There are no winners when we are divided.

These people who come to our shores come because we live in good societies where everyone can have a chance at a decent living. We should be proud of this and help them spread the word. And help them bring this mindset back to countries where it is not the case yet.

Wasn’t it that which made the allies “great” after the last war? Isn’t it that that they are so proud of? Then fu….. remember it!

This rant came courtesy of a very angry Bee who tries to be “englightened” and “positive” but can’t when racists celebrate the death of a child on their shores…. 😦

7 thoughts on “When did the Wise One’s teach: “Let them die on our shores!”? & We All Suffer When They Divide Us ~ A Rant and I am not sorry

  1. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and expressing your feelings. Sometimes I hesitate to call myself a “Christian,” because of the people who call themselves Christian, but whose words and actions show the opposite of what Jesus taught. I believe Jesus is deeply saddened by this death and hateful people.

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    1. I agree with you πŸ˜•. But life has taught me that there are hypocrites everywhere. We need Christians like you who show that most live what they believe in πŸ•―. Please, do not be ashamed. Please shine your light brightly so that the dark one’s are exposed 🌞. I appreciate you and your faith deeply because you teach me so much πŸ€— . May you have a blessed weekend πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ

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      1. Thank you for these kind words and encouragement, Bee. I am honored to know that you value what I have to offer. May we both have a blessed weekend. ❀ πŸ™‚

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