A Hundred Memories and Songs

Hello my friends, how are you? I hope this Saturday is treating you well and if not that you find all the support you need. And maybe a little happiness in unexpected places.

If you read my post yesterday, you know that the black dog has come knocking at my door. Please, don’t worry I am absolutely fine and will let you know more about how I deal with these situations on Monday’s “Come Away with Me” Post.

Still I was rather surprised that I feel motivated to write something for Linda’s wonderful Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt:

2019-2020 SoCS Badge by Shelley!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is โ€œmore than a hundred.โ€ Write your post inspired by something you have more than a hundred of in your home right now. Enjoy!

That’s what she challenged us with. And a challenge it is because I doubt we have hundreds of anything in our house. Since 1987 I have moved on average every 2 or 3 years and you cut down on stuff very fast if you do that. Saying that: I still had lots of boxes with stuff at a friends house in Germany which she sorted out recently and she sent me several with books and other things she thought I still might want. I had said to her that she could have whatever she wanted but I do not know if there was anything they could use. I so very much hope there was.

The best husband (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the world has moved a lot in his life too. I think he might have hundreds of tools in his man cave outside in the yard but I hardly ever venture into that so I can’t tell. Besides he tells me that he had a lot more but when he and the mother of his children split he had to give up a lot. But that’s another story and not mine to tell.

One thing I have hundreds of though currently is minutes in the day to fill. And that mix of boxes full of stuff, researching videos for “Come Away with Me” and lots of time at hand seem to have started a landslide of memories. There have been hard times in my childhood but overall I was incredibly lucky.

Lucky to grow up in a village where you had friends to catch you when times were rough, family close by whom you always could rely on and a freedom to roam the village and areas around that today’s children probably won’t ever experience.

video credit: StuttgartXL via YouTube that’s a meteorite grater by the way

And also growing up in a family who loved reading and music. Last night the neighbour had one of his very loud evenings. I woke up and had to put on the tv to drown the garble of his tv. Friday night is music night on BBC4 and I love to watch these documentaries. Last night was all about Peter Green and Fleetwood Mac.

Now I am not old enough to remember the Peter Green days of Fleetwood Mac. May he rest in peace. I didn’t realise that they started as a blues band. I was a teen in the ’80s and remember their “Come Back” with “Tango in the Night” and “Little Lies”. On German radio they then played many songs from their previous albums too.

video credit: Fleetwood Mac via YouTube

Music, however, was all around me all of my life. My parents liked an ecclectic mix of music. I grew up listening to records of Bach, Santana, German singer song writers, Haydn, the Beatles, Joan Baez & Cliff Richard. My mum always had the radio and listened to a channel the Germans called a “Housewives channel”. It was SRW3 which was probably similar to BBC Radio2. That’s where I was introduced to ABBA, musicals like Evita, Juliane Werding and the Carpenters.

video credit: Juliane Werding via YouTube, video source: Schlagermusikgirl40 lyrics translation at Lyricstranslate

Weekends were for family. On Saturdays and Sundays, we had a “big” breakfast altogether. Often my grandparents were there too. My father often got the Samovar out which his Turkish co-workers had brought him from Turkey. That contraption is more connected with Russia but middle-eastern countries use it too.

Video credit: Words of the World via YouTube

Yes, I know we Germans are supposed to be coffee drinkers but in our house only my grandfather had coffee all the time. Breakfast was teatime for us. And it was awesome to have this contraption on the table and experience a little exotic tea ceremony. We had boiled eggs, white bread (we usually ate rye bread), all sorts of jams, sausage and fruit and veg on the table. And we had music on. That was when we mainly listened to some sort of classical music or Santana. What a mix!

I am not sure how much my parents were a fan of the “Grand Prix De Eurovision”.

video credit: Mr Eurovision via YouTube

You don’t remember what that is? Well, today it is known as “The Eurovision Song contest” but I do not like that at all. I loved it when it was that French-sounding music contest and musicians had to sing in their native tongue. Now that was exciting. I suspect it more a thing of my mother than my father’s but from the age of 7, that and New Years Eve was the only time when I was allowed to stay up really late. Of course, I remember Nicole und “Ein bisschen Frieden”. Who in the 80’s doesn’t? Love it or hate it but it firmly belongs to those memories.

video source: DiscoBar80 via YouTube lyrics translation at Lyricstranslate

Now wasn’t she lovely to do it in so many languages? It’s not on that video, unfortunately. And how we need that song today!

Later on, I met a friend every Monday evening to watch a music program that was called “Formel Eins” which means Formula 1. Why it’s “symbol” was a pink Isetta I have no idea. Probably because it was a Bavarian program LOL.

video source: sigizmund sigizmundovitch via YouTube

It was basically a charts program similar to Top of the Pops. We loved it. We had tea. We translated the English lyrics and learned English in the process. Those were the days my friend.

Yes, I would love to share some more memories with you and another 97 or so videos but alas it’s dinner time in our house soon and I want to do some cooking as long as I can. My abilities aren’t always that good so I can help the husband. He’s back at work, you know. I hope you forgive me. Both that trip down memory lane and neglecting your musical education so badly.

Happy Saturday to you all despite everything.

This post takes part in Linda’s wonderful “Stream of Consciousness Saturday”. Please find incredibly insightful, funny and creative posts on the comments at this prompt post.

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Thanks my dears, for staying with me until the end. I appreciate your presence. Please stay safe, stay kind and remember that you rock!

5 thoughts on “A Hundred Memories and Songs

  1. I enjoyed reading your trip down memory lane. To grow up near the countryside with extended family is something I missed. We moved a lot as a military family. Maybe that’s why I’ve been staying put so long. The musical references brought back memories. Music is so healing. Take care, Bee!

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