Money Makes The World Go Round?

Fighting on all fronts

We have no more time to wait

paddlefish is gone

I wrote a lot yesterday about our journey to a more sustainable life. My way of supporting the “We Want To Live” September 2020 XR rebellion is making the climate crisis my topic until September 10th. I probably have chemo on Monday so next week might only be videos by XR. We’ll see. And Monday stays for “Come Away With Me” anyway.

Today’s topic is money. Does it really make the world go round or does it destroy the world? Please watch this XR video and make up your own mind.

Do we mean business?

Or are we just talk alone?

Kids start asking us!

This video touched me because it brings a spiritual dimension to the topic. I think it is time that we bring different, supposedly contrary ways of thinking together and create about life-affirming change. Rebellion for life can have many faces and many forms. Please choose yours and let’s get going…

video credit: Extinction Rebellion via YouTube

Extinction Rebellion writes about this video on YouTube:

Today in the UK rebellion XR Co-Founder Gail Bradbrook gave this talk on Tufton Street, home to many dodgy so-called ‘think’ tanks and spreaders of climate denial. Couldn’t make it? Listen to her pre-recorded version of the same talk here. Dr. Gail Bradbrook introduces a new limb to XRUK’s civil disobedience actions – Money Rebellion.

This talk focuses on how the political and economic system is hard-wired to destroy life on earth and what we can do about it. We refuse to carry on being divided and conquered. In solidarity with those on the front lines of destruction, including those struggling to pay debts and taxes, we will reroute our money to projects that support life on earth to thrive. For more information, including how to take part, go to this short form.

We Want To Live | UK Rebellion | 1 September 2020…

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⏳Love & Courage to rebels all over the UK as we prepare for our biggest action of 2020!

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Thanks my dears, for staying with me until the end.

I appreciate your presence.

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember

that you rock!

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