😱 The Real Threat, Baby… ☠

5 thoughts on “😱 The Real Threat, Baby… ☠”

  1. What worries me is that so many measures to battle climate change affect poor people negatively in terms of what they need to buy or update. (For example, emissions tests can wind up very expensive when you have an old car and can’t get a new one.) What steps do you think can be taken to move forward on the climate issue without making hardships?

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    1. I doubt there is a way. The only way I can see is use less, re-use and put pressure on the governments. Climate crisis is also a crisis of our society. We live in an unfair, toxic society where money counts more than human life. Unless we change the system, the poor will always pay (https://youtu.be/QjiKLKg_8xc).
      I believe the idea of citizen’s assemblies ( https://youtu.be/SP0p1OIsIMQ) where we all take responsibility for our society is a way forward to make the necessary changes. But it will be hard. We have to face the facts πŸ˜“

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