Society of Esteem

September 2020
I posted this entry first in July 2011, and it somehow looks more possible now with the internet playing such a more significant part in our lives.

However, looking at the rise of the far-right and their connected insane politicians, I doubt we could get there any time soon.

July 2011
By accident, I found an interesting site. It is called “Society of Esteem – Sikantis” and shows a model of society where esteem is the main thing.

It is supposed to be a society without money, but wealth and owning things are still possible.

The possessions of others are esteemed and respected by everyone. Everyone can choose how to be able to own things and which profession and lifestyle they want to achieve.

Children can learn at their own pace and either in education agencies with other children or at home on their own. The computer and the internet is an integral part as it gives the members of this society the chance to stay in contact with everyone.

Teenagers and young people are esteemed for their strength and new ideas, while older adults are appreciated for their calmness and wisdom.

I like this idea very much, and that would be pretty much a form of society I want to live in, but I can not find any clues to how to achieve all this.

Well, but that is what I am really after. A new Vision which also explores how to achieve it. But maybe that is not possible. Perhaps there is just the dream, and if enough people dream it, it will happen and sort itself out.

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