Invitation to Bee’s virtual McMillan Coffee Morning in Memory of Johanna, Fritz & Tony on September 25th, 2020

Hello out there, how are you today? I hope life is treating you well and if it throws you a curve ball that you find all the support you need. My thoughts and prayers go out to you daily.

“So, what is Bee up to now?” you might ask. Well, I have been thinking about raising money for McMillan Cancer Support for many years. Whenever their adverts pop up on TV, I thought: “I should really do this…” but as we humans are I never bothered to actually do something.

video credit: McMillan via YouTube

This year, you can imagine things are a bit different. Firstly I am beating cancer now. Secondly, you can do a virtual coffee morning because of COVID. Well, I don’t know if that’s a new thing. It might have been possible all along. And thirdly McMillan is offering all the information I was given on cancer, the treatments I am receiving and have provided help over the phone. I believe, having cancer in the UK without McMillan would be a much harder journey.

This coffee morning is also in memory of my mum Johanna, my granddad Fritz and my step father-in-law Tony who all passed away because of cancer. May they rest in peace!

Family Portrait
Description for visually impaired readers: family foto from early 70’s. Little Bee in a stroller on the right. Her mum above her sitting on a chair at an outside restaurant table. To the left her granny and parts of her granddad.

I would like to raise 200£

So, how does it work?

I have created a page at the McMillan Coffee Morning Page which you can access via this link. You will find a button that invites to accept an RSVP, and you’ll be able to donate in secure ways there. I will put this link up on the post at the 25th too. You can start contributing now, and I think it will stay up until January 2021.

But what I feel is much more important is to share a virtual cuppa and our favourite bicky, cake… recipes on the 25th. Also, I feel it is essential to share your memories of loved ones lost to cancer, your cancer healing story or anything that you feel needs to be shared to help us beat cancer.

But you do not need to and you do not need to have cancer or be affected by cancer either. It’s perfectly fine to just have a lovely day with lots of coffee, tea, cocoa and great recipes to share.

I will put up a linky so you can add your post at mine on the 25th. My post will go up at 8AM GMT and you can add your link at any time after that so everybody can come and join in.

Am looking forward to share a good cuppa with you for a good cause!

Thanks my dears, for staying with me until the end. I appreciate your presence. Please stay safe, stay kind and remember that you rock!

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