Outdoor Recreation & Indigeneity: Where They Intersect & Where They Clash

6 thoughts on “Outdoor Recreation & Indigeneity: Where They Intersect & Where They Clash”

  1. The plight of the Native Americans with some of their religious sites is rather appalling, Bee. My son has done a lot of research on this and often tells me new pieces of information. I recently read two books about the Spanish conquest of Mexico and they appalled me too. Such terrible genocide of a sophisticated society.


    1. Sorry for my late answer. Kayla is a contributor and WordPress does not show me comments on her posts. And I did a spring clean and wasn’t much online.

      It is appalling. I start to think that our so-called “developed” societies are all built on hypocrisy and violence. Not sure what to do about or with that. But knowing where we walk and respecting the values of other societies is a first step I guess.


  2. Thank you for this enlightening article. There is a state park here on the Carolina coast where I like to hike with a giant sand dune overlooking river. It feels like a sacred place. The nearby museum is dominated by stories of how the giant sand dune was used as a look out point during the “civil war” of the 1800s. Next time I go there (or before that), I will look for information on who lived in these lands and the land where my house sits, before the Europeans came. When I travel west, I will go with with respect and keep the points of this article in mind. I feel enriched by having read this.


    1. Hi JoAnna, sorry my late answer. As I explained to Robbie: Kayla is a contributor to “The Bee Writes…” and WordPress doesn’t show me the comments on her posts.
      I am glad you felt enriched and it encourages you to hike with more knowledge about the area. I feel so privileged to have Kayla introduce us to First People’s points of view. I believe we can learn so much.

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