Reblog it’s urgent: 😷City of Toledo is Turning Off Our Water🚱

Hello dear readers, today I ask for your help for residents of a trailer park in Toledo USA. They have to pay an enormous water bill because of undiscovered water leaks which they have and are repairing. The city wants a down payment of 10 000$ which they don’t have. If the city doesn’t get it today they are to shut down the park and make numerous families homeless many of which are elderly or have dependents with special needs. You can help here at their Go Fund Me page or put the word out on social media. Also, if you could give legal advice that would help too. Thanks.

You can find out more about the situation at this post and the blog:

Here we sit .. We’re in the middle of a worsening pandemic.. It’s a struggle to get residents to pay their lot rents.. But.. We’re working hard at turning this humble mobile home park around! We fixed the water leaks as requested by the city.. We’ve cleaned up the park remarkably since taking over management […]

😷City of Toledo is Turning Off Our Water🚱

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