Update Toledo Waterdep. Vs Creekside: 🚱🚿No Running Water day 10 πŸ›€πŸš±

Please, keep sharing to help the residents of Creekside. Thanks!

What if We all Cared?

Bins and buckets of fresh clean snow!

No, the water is still not on.. so we still have families struggling to find creative ways to bathe, wash dishes, drink water, cook and flush our toilets. 🚽

While most of our residents have not taken advantage of covid-19 moratoriums to refuse to pay rent, a few have and have a collective debt to the park of $12,420.00 πŸ’°

That’sΒ  the deposit #ransom to turn our water back on plus make a payment!! πŸ’°

Me, I’m melting snow.. yes, clean fresh fluffy snow.. to do all of do with city water.

How has no water affected me? Well, Matt and I put our time in Boy Scouts to good use. We simply made use of what was available. β„οΈπŸŒ¨οΈ

And I am still blessed! Yes, blessed.. I have my own home in a quiet somewhat secluded park. I have doors I can…

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