Thank you for the Music and Poetry

Dear Love Is In Da Bloggers! You rock! Thanks so much for taking up the challenge and sharing some great music and poetry with all of us.

Please head over to Barbara, Di & Jim and check out their beautiful posts:


My Rattled Cage


New Epic Author

It’s been a smaller experience than last year. I suspect I took the challenge a bit too far and my blog being private doesn’t help either. Not sure where to go next year. I think I might ask for prompts again like I did for the 2020 challenge and just do poetry myself. What do you think? What would you prefer?

And I leave you with these questions to go ahead into the rest of this interesting year.

But here an invitation to virtually explore this lovely planet with my “Come Away With Me” posts every Monday: It’s full of interesting facts, food, poetry, art and music.

Until we see each other again

dear Love Is In Da Bloggers

go, enjoy love, rest

and have lots of fun despite everything!!!!

Thank you for the poetry

It made us cry

It made us laugh


shared a moment

of life!

video credit: Abba via YouTube

10 thoughts on “Thank you for the Music and Poetry

    1. That would be great 😍. Am pondering to do a monthly event to lead through the year so it doesn’t come so unexpected but am not sure I manage to keep it up. Maybe on every 15th of the month or so… πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ

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