3 Reasons a Writer should journal ~ Good Morning Writers!

5 thoughts on “3 Reasons a Writer should journal ~ Good Morning Writers!”

  1. I’ve always been a big journal writer. Consistency is the key, always the key. I’m not the best at that. But I keep trying. I met a friend on another blog (ThoughtsnLife Blog) and we’re going to read the Artists Way and check in every week as accountability partners. I’ve tried morning pages and failed, bc first people bother me in the morning so I have no alone time, and second, I have back/neck pain and it’s excruciating when I wake up. I tried working through the pain bc I thought, well if I really want to be a writer then I’ll overcome challenges, but then I realized that overcoming an obstacle can be…. writing at a different time of day. Beating myself up for not being able to do the morning pages achieved nothing but making me feel like a failure. I know writing in the morning has its benefits but I can’t do it. So I do it sometime else when I can focus on writing and not wanting to die.

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    1. That is exactly my experience too. My mornings are so different every day that I just can’t do it all the time. My stance is: as long as I do them it’s fine. Great that you have a blogging friend to the Artists Way with. It’s a great book 🙋‍♀️🐝

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