3 Guest Posts by The Bee (and some great romance authors)

This post was first published in 2015 but the authors are worth checking out in 2021 too 😉 )

Today I want to make you aware of three brilliant authors, their blogs and books whom I had/have the honour to blog for.


Butterfly-O-Meter is Livia’s excellent book review blog where I post book reviews once a month. Even though her preference is romance novels with dark, twisted characters (no, that’s not me, she says that herself on her blog 🙂) she is open to all sorts of books. She was so kind to answer my questions about her writing experience a few weeks ago and you can find the post here: The Bee Talks With… Liv Olteano

I enjoy blogging for her very much as she is a lovely host who writes herself. Check out her books here: Amazon

You can find my posts on Butterfly-O-Meter here: Bee on Books

Sassy Romance by Maureen Fisher

Another romance lover and writer is Maureen Fisher, who has been a guest here on “The Bee Talks With…” a few months ago. She invited me back and I took the opportunity to make my new blogging project more public. Please, head over and read “Coming Soon: Literary City Underground”. (Unfortunately, the project never happened and the links on Maureen’s blog do lead to deleted blogs 😦 )

You can find Maureen’s books here: Amazon

Tales of the Dragonfly

And last but not least there is Tamara Ferguson. One of the first guests at “The Bee Talks With…” who writes intriguing romance but also blogs at “Tales of The Dragonfly”. Ever since I started the interview series, I wanted to answer my own questions. I know it’s a bit vain, but it was such fun so I chose the opportunity when Tamara invited me back on her blog.

You can find my answers here: Authors in Debth: Bee Halton (Please, scroll down until you reach the post)

Please check out Tamara’s Books here: Amazon

Enough to read for the weekend?

Well, these are three brilliant authors whose books and blogs are worth checking out. So don’t waste your weekend and head over to their blogs to get acquainted with Livia, Maureen, and Tamara.

Thanks to all three of them for letting me blog on their blogs. You rock gals!

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