What the hell, I might as well (sorry for the language) ~ Good Morning Writers!

This post was first published in July 2015. But I have to admit I do not seem to be able to stick with habits. My life seems to change so often too. Strange….:

How is your writing going? Are you speeding ahead or are you stopped by what life throws at you?

I started to read “ Walking this World.”

A few weeks ago I began to read the second book of Julia Camerons “The Artists Way” series. It’s called “Walking this World” and adds a weekly walk to the tools introduced in the first book.

Tools used in “The Artists Way.”

For all those who don’t know it: Julia Cameron sees being creative as a spiritual path and suggests that most of us have not been encouraged to live a creative life. She also suggests we have to nurture our “inner Artist child.” To do so she invites her readers to write so-called morning pages (three A-4 pages first thing in the morning strictly Stream of Consciousness). Also to do an artist’s date once a week (do something fun that makes your inner artist child feel good).

These tools help me

I find these tools very effective in keeping me on track of what I want to create as well as planning ahead. They give me ideas to develop and all in all, help me feel balanced and more active too. One thing I have planned for a long time is to go for a walk every day. So far I have not managed properly but I walk a lot more since I have started the book so that’s a success I believe.

Throw your excuses away

One chapter that made me smile is “What the hell, I might as well!”. It suggests just to throw all the worries and excuses that stop us from being creative out of the window: just do what we want to do. (The books include all forms of creativity but here we concentrate on writing, of course.)

My latest favourite excuse

My latest favourite excuse for not writing is: ”I’m too tired from the day job and need to rest.”. Which in one way is right, as I tend to overdo it and then need even more rest to overcome exhaustion. But it is also entirely wrong. I’ve often experienced that when I come home, had a little rest and then sat myself down and wrote anyway even if it was only a sentence I felt much better and much more rested afterwards. Funny that isn’t it?

Writing habits

The sentence: “What the hell, I might as well” struck a chord in me and I often think that now when I come home from work. Even though I have to admit that I have started a habit of writing before I go to work which is a lot more efficient, to be honest.

I start to believe that habits help a lot to keep a good writing schedule. Just do it the same way so you don’t have to think about when to do the writing. Yes, I know, it can get boring which can get in the way too but that’s where the “Artist’s Date” comes into play. It gives you something new to try out and keep the boredom at bay.

What are your favourite excuses?

This week I invite you to have a look at your favourite personal excuses and then say to yourself: “What the hell, I might as well… write!”

May you have a productive, creative week!

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