The Bee Talks With… Tiara James

This post was first published in August 2015:

Oh hello, looks like I am not so quiet today. Well, I have promised Tiara to post her interview this week Thursday so I cannot stand back and break a promise. That is not what the Bee does! Well, at least not on purpose. Ah never mind.

Today I have the honour to introduce you to Tiara James a young writer who writes romance stories and her first book “The Improbable” is just on offer at Amazon. But more about that later. Here first more about Tiara in her own words:

How would you describe yourself in one paragraph?

– I’m a fun, innovative, and creative character. I see life as one big book and aim to make what I’m writing worth reading! I believe that life was meant to be lived in colour and happiness. Helping heal the world is one of my biggest goals and through my works I plan on doing just that.

A fun fact about you?

– I lived on 2/3 of the U.S Virgin Islands my first and second semesters of college! St. Croix and St. Thomas 🙂

What made you write in the first place?

– After reading the Clique series in the fourth grade, I wanted to create something similar to that but make it my own so I played around and wrote a few short stories that didn’t have too much sense to them. Later on when I was in the 7th grade and Twilight came about, I gave writing another chance and stopped when I noticed my story was too similar to Twilight (haha.)

Which Author has influenced you and why?

– Initially, I was heavily influenced by Stephanie Meyer because I loved her detailed writing and the way her characters could just make you swoon because they were so life-life. However, later on down the road it actually ended up being a movie I watched my senior year of high school that inspired me to write ‘The Improbable’.

What is your favourite book?

– Hard choice between the Crank Series by Ellen Hopkins and The Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard (I read them before they became a popular TV show!)

Your writing ritual (if you have one)?

– Writing at night! Usually during the day I’ll day dream about how I can incorporate things into the story and make it work. It all comes together at night and also at night there’s no telling what the weather is like because the sun isn’t out; therefore, I can picture it being fall, winter, spring, etc. Night is good, I am a night owl.

Your secret “sin” when you write?

– Listening to music I can picture on the soundtrack if my book became a movie or TV show 🙂

Do you suffer from writers block and if, what do you do against it?

– I most definitely did when writing The Improbable. I couldn’t think of what was going to happen next! Each day I would rack my brain but nothing seemed to work (I literally changed the structure of the story so many times). So finally, I was forced to take a break when I went down to college and it wasn’t until my second semester that I finally pulled it together and just finished the book. It’s always good to just take a step back and give it some time, nothing is done overnight.

Your advice for apprentice writers?

– No matter how good you thought your initial idea was, keep sculpting it to make it better! This is a tough industry to breakthrough in when there’s so many people trying to achieve the same thing but remained focused yourself, however, don’t be afraid to help others because they will help you.

Thank you so much Tiara for being a guest on “The Bee Writes…”

About the book:

Eva-Marie’s father is Chicago’s biggest drug producer.

Life for Eva-Marie could never be easy between keeping her family’s big secret and
forced to marry the arrogant Ray Jackson – and it only gets harder when David comes to town. Ever since David’s mother died, he became a cold and angry person because his father was always hard to please and barely spoke to him. And so, he takes the offer to fill the spot as Chief of Police without hesitation to make his father happy and uses it as an opportunity for them to bond closer. To prove he has what it takes, David has to bring down Chicago’s Trioxytin producer. David and Eva meet at a boat party but due to his hot temper, the two do not get along well. However, when they see that they’re in the same group of friends they learn to deal with each other. David and Eva fall in love without knowing that they’re each other’s greatest enemy. They have society against them as well as their parents, and their situations threatening to tear them apart. Will their love be enough to defy the odds against them? Told from both characters’ point of view and set in the state of Illinois in 1950, The Improbable, is a compelling romantic novel that pushes the envelope of the typical love story and will keep you hooked until the very last page. (Blurb taken from Author Tiara James Blog)

You can purchase the book on Amazon and it is on offer this week!

You are as curious to find out more about Tiara as I am? Please have a look here:

Tiara’s Blog
Tiara on Amazon

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