A spring in my step

Hello all you awesome bloggers! How are you this morning, or, if its afternoon or evening where you are, how are you doing? How has your day gone?
Today I bring you another poem, which Bee from the Bee writes has challenged me to write. Todays prompt is:
A spring in my step
So come on, lets verse!
With joy in my heart
I bounce out of bed
Another day is upon us
Another day to enjoy life
Spring has finally sprung
Oh what joy
Birds chatter
I breate in the fresh morning air
Who knows?
The sun may shine today
We will hope
A spring in my step
A heart filled with hope and joy
So I loved doing this prompt and writing this verse!
Hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!
And with that, I bid you a good morning. Its time to see to my cute lab! He is wanting his breakfast, lol.

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