Bonjour, how are you today? I hope you and yours are well and if not that you have all the support you need.

I have thought a lot recently about all the narratives in society that slowly are changing from #MeToo to #BlackLivesMatter.

To me, it feels like new wisdom is growing and old stories die. But maybe that’s just me.

At the beginning of March though these ponderings inspired a poem:

Let knowledge grow

Old Stories die peacefully

Observe your breathing

Do you think this is happening? New narratives emerging and the old dying?

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember you rock!

7 thoughts on “Growing

  1. Life is very strange now as we begin to emerge from lockdown. I feel that there are changes at every corner and everyone has a banner to raise… So many demonstrations. I say:
    All life matters, treat everyone with respect, be kind and generous. 💜💜

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  2. I agree that knowledge is growing and new narratives are emerging. Some of the old, sick stories seem to be lingering. Maybe I should have compassion for those who have trouble letting go….Thank you for the reminder to observe my breathing – that is always possible and always helps.

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