“Making Up” – Monthly “Love Is In Da Blog”

Hello, all you lovely people, how are you? I hope you are well and ready to embrace a monthly “Love Is In Da Blog”. I introduced this idea in March at one of the “Come Away With Me” posts and today is the Day: I answer my own prompt. 😁 If you are interested in taking part have a look at the suggestions here. You can choose any song, musician, style that you please as long as it has to do with “Love”.

As I answer the prompt this week, I am using a song from one of the band’s from Monday. Their name is “1974 AD” and they are from Nepal. Their music is described as a mix of Nepali and Western music styles. “1974 AD” was founded in 1994. They experimented a lot with hard rock, blues and metal in their early days.

Then, they liked to play covers of Gary Moore songs, for example. Nowadays they mainly perform their own creations which often have to do with Nepali national feelings, love and unity which usually isn’t my cup of tea. However, Nepal is a quasi-communist country and so topics like national pride are to be expected, in my opinion.

1974 AD had quite some changes in band members through the years and even had a break from creating and performing. If you are interested you can find out more here at Nepalych.

The song I have chosen is “Samjhi Bashu” and the version I found is in English too, so you can understand what they are singing. It is not a “Making up” song as such but talks about the feelings of one lover who longs to be with the other again after some trouble.

video credit: 1974 AD via YouTube

This song has quite a 80’s Gary Moore feel to it but I found it rather interesting.

The next “Monthly Love Is In Da Blog” prompt will be in the April 26th “Come Away With Me” post but at the beginning, so you don’t need to read the whole post if not interested in Guatemala. If you want to take part in this one feel free to do so until April 25th.

Now please find music, have fun and remember you rock!

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