An Update, Some Music & A Poem

Hello, all you lovely people and thank you so much for your kind messages about my hospital appointments. (If you haven’t read the post about all my bodily troubles check it out here: Hospital Appointments, Working Hours & A Hint โ€“ ๐Ÿ The Bee Writesโ€ฆ)

I am pleased to say that both the phone appointment and my hospital appointment went through yesterday. My GP called me about my wrist and it looks like I have the start of Arthritis at the bottom of my thumb, a ganglion on the left side (cysts are the bane of my life) and the bones of my wrist are not properly aligned but a specialist would have to have a look at that. My GP offered me stronger pain killers but I declined because I have rather bad trouble with my stomach at the moment.

I am going to work with essential oils for the pain and the ganglion and will get a wrist protector so I do not use it so much and then just wait until I can see the specialist. My stomach is getting slowly better with eating less, chewing properly, bucket fulls of mint tea and lots and lots of caraway. So no worries there.

The appointment to see the surgeon was rather underwhelming. No, don’t get me wrong, he was nice and all went well but it was a question of going in and going out. Understandable in the situation where so many appointments have been delayed because of the pandemic so they are under a lot of stress. But it simply felt strange to drive an hour, see the doctor for maybe 10 minutes and then driving back for an hour.

So what’s going on with the pain in my breast? I have a little lymphodema in my breast and will have a mammogram to see what’s going on. The other pains are normal because of damaged nerves from the operation. For some they go away for others it stays so here I am going to work with essential oils too. But otherwise, nothing worrying to be found so far. Brilliant :-). That calmed my worries a lot.

I will get a leaflet that explains what I need to look out for and wait for the mammogram appointment which I hopefully can have in the hospital closer by. And the polyp in the uterus will be taken out on the 8th of June. Oooof. Nearly all sorted.

So, let’s get some music, shall we?

At the end of April, I suggested the “Monthly Love Is In Da Blog” prompt “Eruptive Love” but I had quite some trouble finding a song that would fit. So I chose one of the bands from Guatemala which I really like. Their name is Faaek but I can’t find out much about them because the search engines only give me answers for “Fake” and if I click on “results for Faaek” they bring everything from mobile phone holders to money transfer sites. Duh?!

Well, check out this song which doesn’t have anything explicitly to do with an eruption but I think a volcano is a sort of a Lands End and the end of a relationship can be quite eruptive. Please enjoy:

video credit: Fraaek via YouTube

Even though the prompt doesn’t ask for a poem I use it for one anyway. Feel free to join ๐Ÿ™‚

Ever wondered?

Ever wondered why
rings and diamonds never save
us and our loves?
Peer inside my heart.
The pain erupts so often
inside when I dream.
Velvet words hated
every day and cold night.

Love erupts only
over time and heart.
Vengeance gives us still nothing
even when in pain.

Just back from the garden. This weather makes for good jungle growth ๐Ÿ™‚ . Again, thank you so much for your kind words!!!!!

Please stay safe, stay kind and remember:

you rock!

gif credit: Chippy The Dog via Giphy

14 thoughts on “An Update, Some Music & A Poem

  1. I’m happy to hear you’re getting your health problems sorted out. Not knowing can sometimes be scarier than knowing. My mother-in-law had lymphoedema after her breast cancer surgery. They got to it quick but she was in quit a bit of pain. Sending prayers up for you!! I’d love to know what essential oils you’re using, too. I have arthritis in my fingers and would like to use oils instead of drugs.

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  2. Glad you’re getting things sorted Bee. I can understand your anxiety but the mammo will provide answers to that. I had my second surgery in October 2019 and feel great. My arthritis is playing up though and the constant erratic weather does not help in the least. Keep safe.

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    1. Hi Di, thanks for your kind words. Am glad you are doing ok. I always wondered if I have arthritis too and I suspect it is so because my joints and bones hurt more in cold and wet weather. But that’s just something to live with. As long as there is no more cancer I am very happy ๐Ÿค—


  3. You have been through so much, and it just never seems to end, does it? However, I’m happy to hear that there’s nothing worrisome so far. Take care of yourself, Sweet Bee, and I will keep my fingers crossed that all these things will be sorted SOON! โค

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  4. Good news ๐Ÿ˜Š. I hear you with the underwhelming appointment. You get this whole thing in your head about how the appointment is gonna go and what you wanna say and then you get there and it’s like, you’re fine. Bye. I hope you have continued good news.

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