What Bee & Husband Are Up To

21 thoughts on “What Bee & Husband Are Up To”

  1. I’m excited for you! Is there a way you could test out a boat house for a few days to get a feel for it? I’m actually surprised at how much storage he had on his boat in the video.

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    1. We could but I think we don’t need to. Andy has already been on one before and we have decided on a plan B so we probably will invest in some storage. It’s all very exciting. I am so sorry for your bad luck with the tree. I hope it will be sorted soon. Haven’t read much blogs recently πŸ€—

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  2. I’m excited for you Bee having lived on a narrow boat for 3 years. It’s a peaceful life, and we do miss it, but health issues and rising costs for living on a residential marina forced us to sell up.
    Ours was only 41 feet, but with 60 feet, you would probably have a separate dining area, lounge, and sleeping bunk. Hope you have a log burner, and if so would suggest one of those fans that sits n the top for dispersing heat. Ours had central heating fuelled by the diesel engine and we were cosy in the colder months. However, we did wish we had a log burner. One boater had a smaller craft to us at 30 feet an put a charcoal burner in his. It was wonderfully efficient and cheap to run.
    Some of our friends had 60 footers and they were awesome. Locks on the canals are different to those on a river, and the key for canals is to remember to close the gates at both ends when exited.
    Good luck and enjoy the wildlife!

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    1. Hi Di, thanks for your help at the beginning of our considerations. Such a shame you couldn’t stay on. Would have loved to visit you there 😊 Yes, we would like a multi-fuel burner and what we’ve seen so far has a kitchen area, dining and living area some better organised than others. “Closing locks on both sides when leaving” I’ll keep that in mind 😊 we’ll keep you updated.


      1. Thanks. Am going to check them out. Just sitting at the hospital to have a fi roid removed. Also got the letter today that I am going to have yearly mammograms for five years and what to keep looking out for. The hospital says other regular check-ups aren’t necessary as patients usually fi d changes the.selves and check ups just cause unnecessary anxiety. There is a list whom to call with what issue and now I feel more confident in going forward. Hope you and yours are well πŸ€—

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      2. My mammos are for five years too, an they reset the clock in 2019, so my last will be 2024 then I revert to the usual NHS checks (3 years I think).
        I can contact the breast care clinic nurses any time though and they get back to me.
        Keep well and safe Bee.

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  3. Hi Bee, I don’t think I would like to live in such a small place, but then I still have kids at home. I don’t know if I mentioned to you that I read a book by a Canadian friend of mine who lived on a flatboat in Canada and it was very informative about living on a boat. Flatboats don’t move about thought, they staying the harbour.

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    1. I don’t blame you. With children I wouldn’t want to do it either. There are several famines though who do because houses and rents are so expensive in the UK. “Flatboat” is that like a houseboat? What’s the title of the book? I hope you and yours are well β™₯️


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